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Kurdish News





ISIS opened a slave market in the Iraqi city of Nineveh, in which they sell thousands of Yezidi and Christian women!

look at that religion of peace

The religion is peaceful. These radicals are not. You cannot judge all by the worst of the bunch. The Westboro Baptist Church should not be the example for all Christians. The Tea Party should not be the example for all Republicans. ISIS should not be the example for all Muslims.

^^^^yes yes yes

*actually* muslims who aren’t violent, technically aren’t being good Muslims. Violence is kind of one of their pillars. The core belief of Muslims is ‘conversion or the sword’ 

So if you come across a non-violent Muslim, their not actually living out their own religion the way they should. 

While Christians have been violent in the past, violence itself is not a pillar of Christianity and those who use it are deviants. ‘Peacful Muslims’ are therefore deviants since violence IS one of their pillars for people who refuse to convert. 

Muslims are actually extreme guys. 

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Inspiring sculpture by Timothy Schmalz (website, facebook) to be installed at Shrine of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. 

Timothy describes his experience: ”The whole time I was working on the sculpture a strange experience happened, I could not stop thinking of all the vile sins I created in my life. It was like a movie on repeat. After I was done with this, my thoughts broadened to worst sins that where created in my country, murders horrific that I heard of in the news. I could not believe what I was thinking and I could not prevent my thoughts from going to these dark places. After days of this, I thought, how horrible, I am creating a sculpture of a saint and this is what is going on inside of me? Then I understood that I was creating a sculpture of a saint who was known for confessions, In fact St. Pio has become the Patron Saint of Confessions. What was happening to me was a long confession throughout the creation of the sculpture. The Gloom I experience was then replaced with peace when after each horrific image that past through my mind was prayed with, and asked for forgiveness; my deeds and those of others. A fascinating journey creating this work.” (+)

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Anonymous asked: i just recently had an abortion over the weekend and it was great that i had access to it, without it my boyfriend and i would of had to drop out of college and ruin our lives but apparently abortion is sooo wrong when its not even a baby, its a parasite made of cells that have no feelings that is leaving my body, people like you make me sick‏



When I first read this post, I thought I would just delete it like the rest. I know your intentions were to cause me suffering, and if causing me suffering means you win, then I guess you have. To be honest, lying in this hospital bed, it is young women like you that I think about the most.

I was once like you. I was once told that aborting my children was the answer to my life. I was once told that my boyfriend too would have to drop out of the University he attended, and I wouldn’t be able to attend the following year after I graduated from High School. The funny thing was, because of my son, my ex-boyfriend and I qualified for several grants and scholarships. In fact, I’m one of the few people I know that was able to go to school without taking out student loans. Which is probably why I’m a home owner at 26.

I was once like you. “Its a clump of cells,” they told me. “Its a parasite,” they said. When scientifically speaking, that’s inaccurate. It is a fetus, or an unborn human being. I know a human becomes easier to kill once you label it something else. This is called dehumanization. You don’t need to dehumanize the unborn human being, you can just call it what it is; you aborted an underdeveloped human being.

As I look into my sons eyes, I don’t see a parasite, or a clump of cells. I see a brown haired, fair skin, goofy 8 year old human being. I see a human being with the exact same body as the one they called a parasite when it was in my womb. His body grows a little more every year, and every year he gets stronger. “Mom, let me help you with that.” he says, as I struggle to carry bags into the house. “Mom, wait, I’ll get it for you,” he says, as he jumps in front of me to reach for the door to open it. His body is more developed, that’s for sure, but it it the same as it was when it was tiny and growing inside me.

I was once like you. “It will ruin your life,” they said. “You’re a child yourself”, they said. That’s the strangest. As I lie in this hospital bed, at risk of death, I have no fear. I am 26 years old, and have absolutely nothing more that I could ask for to make me happier. If keeping my son ruined my life, then why do I have everything I want? Why am I so content with my short life, if it was ruined the day he was born? The love and happiness I have experienced in my short life, is enough to feel fulfilled, complete. My life is beautiful, and my children were the ones that made it that way.

When I cry, my children burry their heads on my chest, wipe my tears with their tiny fingers. When I smile, they run to me, wrap their arms around me, lean back and giggle. What have they destroyed in my life besides all that was bitter, hateful and selfish? Besides all those awful parts of me they peeled away with their tenderness, and gentleness.

I’m sorry that when you terminated your pregnancy, you felt nothing, and I’m afraid that is where we are different. I couldn’t bring myself to dehumanize the tiny human being inside my body, even though it was under developed, dependent and inconvenient. I felt. And I’m the one who feels for you now. I can feel the loss for your unborn human being.

I know you assume I think I’m “better then you”. But it’s exactly the opposite. As I lay here in this bed, ready to give my life for the child inside of me right now, it isn’t just because its my child. It’s because it is a human being. I am willing to die for an underdeveloped, dependent and inconvenient human being, because that human is my equal. You are my equal, your child is my equal, and I don’t have it in me to view my life as more valuable then anyone else’s. I can’t use any reason to take an innocent human being, dehumanize it, and place it under me. And I don’t want to.

I’m sorry that people like me make you sick, but I think if you really new me, you wouldn’t feel that way. Maybe if you knew me, you could see that my life is beautiful and wonderful just like yours, and just like every human being. I believe that your life is precious, and you were made for more love then you comprehend, and I’m so sorry you can’t see the value of life.

Life is precious. It is a divine right, it is so precious that I would be willing to die if that is the cost for another to live.

Months from now, I hope that you read this and I’m living with my new beautiful child, in my modest house, with the rest of my family, but if I’m not, I want you to remember that it made me happy to risk my life for another human being, and I would gladly do it even for someone who was sickened by me; I would even do it for you.

Life is invaluable.

Also, you wouldnt have had to drop out of college or ‘ruin your life’ I was pregnant in college and while it wasn’t the most fun and exciting thing ever,  it did not ‘ruin my life.’ 

please please please consider adoption if you’re not ready to keep your babies! 

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The Light in Her Eyes (2011)

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I feel like garbage today. 

I’ve been working out like crazy BUT I’ve been eating trash like 50% of the time. 

When you want chocolate you just eat chocolate some times you know?! 

Anyway… I’m getting my hair done today. That should make me feel a bit better :]

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Mixed Feelings…
I will be in my hometown for the first time in 3 years; I am going to a funeral. 
My snazzy grandmother passed away. 
I’ve been back to california within the passed 3 year, but not to my *hometown* you see.
So its a bit exciting because no one there has seen me post-engagement, post-marriage, post-baby, etc.
Also [even though she’s like, zero years old] Sophie Babe will get to see where I grew up. 
Also, mexican food. 

Mixed Feelings…

I will be in my hometown for the first time in 3 years; I am going to a funeral. 

My snazzy grandmother passed away. 

I’ve been back to california within the passed 3 year, but not to my *hometown* you see.

So its a bit exciting because no one there has seen me post-engagement, post-marriage, post-baby, etc.

Also [even though she’s like, zero years old] Sophie Babe will get to see where I grew up. 

Also, mexican food. 

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