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This is a tumblelog with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff I like. I'm 22 + Catholic + wifey + mommy. Scroll down a bit to start reading my virtual journal. Things I like include: pb&j + Catholicism + writing + literature + recipes + health + being a mom. Enjoy.

Mid morning snack

Mid morning snack

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That one time, I was in Rome…

I wish I was going to be here on Sunday. 

Pope John Paul II changed my life and I wanna be there for his canonization :’(

Luckily I got to be there for his beatification in 2011…

Good times. 

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My husband and I always die at this part…

Especially now that we’re parents. 

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Easter Update.

Pretty much everyone in our family had to work on Easter Sunday [which is the worst luck ever!]

Husband and I went to 10 am mass, then came home and had a big home cooked breakfast:

-eggs mixed with kale and onion, sauteed in coconut oil
-hash browns [extra crispy]
-some bacon <3

We did some chores like vacuuming, dishes, taking out trash, etc. Then I made some cupcakes for our family’s celebration today. 

I replaced the butter with coconut oil and then topped the vanilla frosting with toasted coconut. They look adorable [will post pics later]

In other news, I’m officially 9 months pregnant as of Saturday. We had our birthing class which was both interesting, terrifying, and comforting… Things i was terrified about, I no longer am, but things I didn’t even think about now scare me. You can thank the birthing video from the 1980’s for that. 

All in all, it was a good weekend. 

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berry frozen yogurt.

berry frozen yogurt.

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Feel the life stir inside you. Cradle your child within your womb from conception to birth and show them the beauty and wonder of life.

Tomorrow I will officially be 9 months pregnant. 

When baby gets the wiggles like this little one^ IT HURTS. 

She’s running out of room! [and I’m running out of patience… just want to meet her already!]

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Peter’s Denial, by Carl Heinrich Bloch
We all have Peter moments. Pray for mercy.


Peter’s Denial, by Carl Heinrich Bloch

We all have Peter moments. Pray for mercy.

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